Saturday walkabout

As usual we set off for the supermarket and missed. Todays visit comprised of a visit to a church featuring 13 – 14 century painitings, an old windmill and Ivinghoe beacon.

^ some early snowdrops in the churchyard, with the chequers estate in the background. It was fun being followed around by unmarked 4×4’s – we didn’t realise that the Afgan president was visiting for a sleepover as we photographed the chequers entrance and turned around in the driveway!

^Paintings (appraently from 13th century) in the church. We were let in by a friendly church warden so that we could see the paintings and the tiles, on the understanding that we turmed the lights off!

^ Pitstone Windmill – apparently the oldest recorded one in UK, with awesome January lighting.

^View from Ivinghoe beacon across to Oxford


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