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I’ve had a bit of a break from the pi powered feeder over the past few weeks however I’ve been using it to work with our ip camera to record some night shots of the wildlife in the garden.
Over the past few evenings we’ve set the camera to look at the garden with the pi running “motion”. I’ve got hold of this inexpensive IR lamp from amazon and I’m using it with a cheap ip camera from here.
I’ve altered the camera a bit so that I have a switch to turn on & off the built in IR lamps – they’re really good however the camera is behind glass (on the windowcill) and they reflected off the glass. – basically I simply dismantled it and ran a switch over the LDR so that it could be bypassed.
After a bit of setting up from both the camera and motion I can leave the pi running all night silently creating videos of all motion. – the camera was pretty simple to set up having used the disc supplied and motion works excellently after reading the very extensive and detailed online documentation. – once its set up it can be accessed on the specified port (8080 in my case) to work through the options.
I’ve installed Apache on the pi so that it can be accessed from the local network and the videos are saved in a default way that organises them in to month/date.

The link below is for a video recored last week:

(Neither of these seem to work properly and I’m getting pissed off with trying to get videos to work on this blog! – so no more posting of videos)

deer (wmv)

deercam (avi)
This video is not the best quality as I’ve got it set up for night vision with high brightness but you can clearly see our visitor – a small deer which is quite special in such an urban, shared garden!

I’ve also got the CSI camera fitted to the pi which is significantly better in quality – I’ve got this working in a slightly different way and it’ll make a huge difference in picture quality when I intergrate it in to the whole system.

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