RISC Carputer 3 – Fitting & testing

After all of these plans I’ve constructed the face plate from wood and given the intial fitting. Unfortunately I have minimal wood working skills and no shed however my dad has both of these so after a visit I have a face plate ready to go!
A bit of hole cutting and fret sawing on the kitchen table resulted in a faceplate that fitted all of the required switches, knobs and screen.
It’s now in the car and working well. I’ve made a couple of alterations to include a usb extender in the central glove box along with a further connection to the amp allowing a direct connection from an mp3 player.

in situ

I’ve put a 12v socket in the passenger dashboard to connect up the sat nav and also run a further cable to the current rear view camera which is now mounted between the steering wheel and central controls.

Now its all in I’m going to give it a week of use to see if its o.k. Mainly I’m looking to see if anymore cracks develop in the face plate and to make sure the software works well.
I had a short drive about today and !amplay was not very happy! It struggled to get songs loaded and crashed several times so I’ve given it a break for a bit. I really want to use it so that I can utilise it’s hooks for control however I need a bit of time to read through the manual and make sure its installed properly. In the mean time I’ve got digital CD http://www.riscos-digitalcd.net/ running.

My concern with this was that the text would be too small however in practice it is fine on such a small screen. The clock however is huge so may need a bit of a rethink!!

I’m using !bigclock from Bernards riscos site. ,however in practice the screen resolution is not so bad so I may go for a smaller version of the clock on his site.

Here it is running the jukebox on riscos….


..and here it is running arcElite on ArcEmulator (My ulterior motive to the whole project! – with thanks to davespice for the instructions in the magpi magazine http://www.themagpi.com/ )

elitecloseelitefarConclusion and the future!

In final testing it runs pretty well. The temp is usually around 30 degrees and can be reduced quite dramatically by opening the mechanical vent below the windscreen.

Although the car is usually wet inside there has been no water ingress to the console. I have experienced some terrible buzzing due to badly shielded cables however some careful re-routing stopped this.

My next plan is to create a custom dashboard for the screen. Currently I’m thinking of basing it upon the elite HUD with a revolving line drawing of the car in the centre and the read outs like fuel, shields etc displaying values taken from the GPIO pins. Unfortunately this is currently well out of my knowledge however it is something that I’m going to enjoy learning.

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