Animalcam v2.1 – alterations

I’m in the process of altering the outdoor camera to make it a bit more versatile and giving it the ability to be used via battery outside and on the window cill to look at the birds visiting the feeder.

To do this I’ve changed the software to PiKrellCam and modified the PIR sensor to only control the light, so the light comes on when the PIR is triggered and the motion detection software does its thing without interference.

The video above shows the first experiment of the camera outside with the light going off occasionally due to me not setting up the timeout for it correctly.

I have also added a high gain wireless network adaptor to the setup that I had kicking around (this one) It’s from Mod my pi and quite power hungry however I’ve swapped the rpi B for a rpi A in the setup and I’m only draining the battery 1/2 way for 10 hours use. The reception is patchy depending upon the position of the camera outside but my new router may help out with this when it arrives.

The next step is to play around with an IR cutout filter like this to try and get a more flexible setup.


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