Elite dangerous controller

Whilst ordering some new arts for a couple of projects, I came across the zero delay arcade by Reyann.


It is intended for raspberry pi etc. controls for creating arcade consoles and appears to be USB plug and play so I thought I’d give it a go and make some additional controls for elite:dangerous.


This prototype has been lovingly crafted for the cardboard box that my delivery arrived in. No setup required and it just plugged in and worked.

The kit comes with the wiring loom and usb cable so it’s just a case of slipping the buttons on to the wires and off you go. It connects perfectly with the arcade buttons but not so well with the smaller tactile ones which required some structural blu-tak – a couple of mins soldering would fix it but these buttons are only temporary.


Windows sees it as a generic controller and E:D responds in a similar way, so there is no issue in assigning the buttons to the massive list of controls available (copy and save your key binds though. They’re very fickle).

The arcade buttons themselves are made by Sanwa and are spot on arcade quality – you can roll your finger on them like a real arcade machine and they feel like they could go on forever.

The joystick too is a Sanwa item and just oozes quality.

The larger buttons are (I think) from Adafruit. They are a bit more clicky than the arcade ones but very tactile. The 100mm HAL special in the middle is impossible not to touch and brings out the father dougal in everyone.


They also light up, I’ve not tried this yet but it looks to be pretty straightforward and some of the online pictures make them look very effective (e.g. the HAL 9000 replica on adafruit )


For a prototype it works perfectly and the next step is to work on the case and assemble the required buttons. This was pretty much thrown together to see if the board worked however having played for a bit today the HAL9000 / pacman mashup has really grown on me so I think I’ll keep it!


In summary:

Controller board

By Reyann. mod my pi link: https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/arcade/arcade-controllers/zero-delay-arcade-usb-encoder-and-wire-set/?search=arcade

Arcade buttons

 By Sanwa – mod my pi link : https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/arcade/arcade-buttons/official-sanwa-arcade-button-black/?search=sanwa%20arcade%20buttons

Arcade stick

By Sanwa Mod my i link : https://www.modmypi.com/raspberry-pi/arcade/arcade-joysticks/official-sanwa-8-way-arcade-joystick-jlf-tp-8yt/?search=sanwa

Illuminated buttons.

By Adafruit. Mod my pi link : https://www.modmypi.com/electronics/buttons-and-switches/massive-arcade-button-100mm-red/?search=arcade%20buttons

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