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Chiltern open air museum

We’ve just spent an excellent day at the Chiltern Open Air Museum.

Its a place where local historic buildings are donated and scenes of old are recreated.

The highlight was the roundhouse, especially as there was a saxon themed guide who showed us how to light fire with some fungus.

Really good also to see a prefam complete with interior and fittings as well as the lambs and tollhouse from about a mile down the road.

The whole museum is a great day out and really brought to life with the people in the buildings ready to talk with us. It’s also great for leting you try stuff on – I’ve been a blacksmith and WW2 RAF pilot in the same day!

Website at: Chiltern open air museum

Dorney lake

Today we visited the site of the olympic rowing at dorney lake.

We arrived after some sort of olympic trial so there were plenty of camera crews and people milling about.

Above are pics from the finish line to the start, the sculpture park,the big screen & the view to the castle (I assume Philip has a telescope).
There seemed to be a competition amongs the general public to get around the site in the most unusual and funky way, with skaters, longboards and trikes running around. (we walked and were therefore oldskool and best 😉 )

Saturday walkabout

As usual we set off for the supermarket and missed. Todays visit comprised of a visit to a church featuring 13 – 14 century painitings, an old windmill and Ivinghoe beacon.

^ some early snowdrops in the churchyard, with the chequers estate in the background. It was fun being followed around by unmarked 4×4’s – we didn’t realise that the Afgan president was visiting for a sleepover as we photographed the chequers entrance and turned around in the driveway!

^Paintings (appraently from 13th century) in the church. We were let in by a friendly church warden so that we could see the paintings and the tiles, on the understanding that we turmed the lights off!

^ Pitstone Windmill – apparently the oldest recorded one in UK, with awesome January lighting.

^View from Ivinghoe beacon across to Oxford


come and praise hymn book – primary school flashback

come and praise hymn bookThisw book brings back so many primary school memories. Ours were plastic covered and if you scratched hard enough you form a plastic blister that you could stick your finger in.

I also remember the weird songs about “jet planes meeing in the air to be refueled” all sung along to an old upright piano.

I always wondered about the situation the picture was taken in, it looks like someone pulled out a camera in a playground and some parka wearing kids bundled him.

also the kid in the centre back really scared me!

(picture from don’t start me off)

All of the sockmonkeys so far!

From left to right:

psycadelic rabit, tiny blue sock, scary monkey, tiny pink sock and the first one.

The above 2 were made from baby socks – pretty tricky as they’re not the right shape and very fiddly however I’m sure the twingles will enjoy them when they’re old enough to not swallow bits of them.