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Recently we’ve taught our squirrel to collect food from a basket, lowered down rapunzel style from the window.

This first video shows the squirrel when (s)he was first introduced to the basket. A bit of fumbling and (s)he soon got the hang of it.

basket squiz 2

A few weeks later and now confident with the basket, we attached a small camera to get a bit of a close up.


Feedercam version 1.0

Toady I’ve been experimenting with 2 webcams to film the bird feeder. Unfortunately its a bit wet so not much happening however at least I’ve been able to test some things…..

Here’s a pic of the setup – a microsoft webcam on the window cill with a logitech blue-tacked to a telescope!

Both are linked to the computer running i-spy using motion triggers so they automatically record when something happens (they have to be pretty sensitive to capture such small objects so most of the videos are of twitching leaves!)

The link below goes to my first test of the system where I’ve got the times to tally up when editing.

squirrel spy test

Next step is to get the raspberry pi to control tham and house the whole lot in a waterproof box to create a sort of “game cam”