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come and praise hymn book – primary school flashback

come and praise hymn bookThisw book brings back so many primary school memories. Ours were plastic covered and if you scratched hard enough you form a plastic blister that you could stick your finger in.

I also remember the weird songs about “jet planes meeing in the air to be refueled” all sung along to an old upright piano.

I always wondered about the situation the picture was taken in, it looks like someone pulled out a camera in a playground and some parka wearing kids bundled him.

also the kid in the centre back really scared me!

(picture from don’t start me off)

All of the sockmonkeys so far!

From left to right:

psycadelic rabit, tiny blue sock, scary monkey, tiny pink sock and the first one.

The above 2 were made from baby socks – pretty tricky as they’re not the right shape and very fiddly however I’m sure the twingles will enjoy them when they’re old enough to not swallow bits of them.